About Us

Named after his daughter Kenza, meaning “my treasure”, Kenzi is a project that is very close to Chef Pascal’s heart. Every detail has been carefully considered and designed by Pascal himself, based on memories from his Algerian origins.

Fresh ingredients make up Kenzi’s seasonal menus and they echo the foods from Pascal's childhood.

An experienced restauranteur and chef, Pascal wanted to bring something unique to Hove, and so Kenzi was born.

Chef Pascal: “Kenzi brings together everything I love from my origins in Algeria, right in the heart of Hove. The inspiration comes from my grandmother’s house which was filled with candles, traditional decor and the smell of beautiful food.

“I use the same, traditional methods of cooking she used - slow-cooking the meat and using fresh ingredients and spices – and have filled the restaurant with candles, lamps and luxurious materials.

“Every time I step into Kenzi I am transported back to Algeria and my grandmother’s house.”

Designed by Pascal

If you would like any help in designing your restaurant, business or home interiors, please get in touch with Pascal using the contact form.